ill Will Dill Bill Mill Fill Kill Gill Till Hill Pill Sill Jill

Haven’t updated in a while, mainly because I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week (including today, Monday) being sick. First was my throat, then came my (horrible cannot-stand-without-doubling-over, feels-like-your-intestines-are-being-yanked-out-your-butt type) cramps, and last but not least, an upset stomach tonight.


Maybe it’s a sign – I should quit my internship early! Ha ha. I bet my bosses would, erm, sympathise. (ya, right!)

My family is home from their trip to Norway. Quarrelsome or no, it does feel good to be home and have my family around. As Neilly says, family love is unconditional. And I realize no matter how much I hate the things my mum says/does sometimes, I still get so upset out of love.

Too bad it means I ‘moved out’ of Marc’s place, after camping there for two weeks. It was fun, it was nice, and surprisingly we didn’t kill each other (that often), and never about living in close proximity. So that was good.

Okay will keep this post short as it is, should go get some rest for my poor tummy. Peace out.


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