there’s no substitute for time.

“I called because I just

need to feel you on the line”

– Split Screen Sadness, John Mayer


So I just humiliated myself in front of my class and prof. Nobody really laughed at my Borat clip, and the discussion for my article didn’t go past the skin of the issue at hand. I got the last slot, so people were tired and wanted to go for their lunch/next class/whatever, and they’d already been worn out by the three prior speakers. Prof as usual wanted to end on time, so I had less time than the other speakers.

What to do.

SIGH. I wanted this one to be good. I really wanted to impress. Call me an achievement junkie but it’s a matter of – I know I can do it well, so when things don’t really seem to happen that way…… it’s just hard, I guess, to handle.

Services Marketing presentation went well though, so I’m glad the effort I put into the project and the slides came through. :)

I think at the end of it, I’m more individualistic. I’d rather do a project alone if I know I can do it ‘best’ that way. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I like group work, and I think THE best presentations/projects I’ve had were borne from the synergies of some very fantastic groupmates. But to get the group mix right is so hard – I guess I’d need a particular ‘breed’ of groupmate to work with to be satisfied.

Okay, you can call me hoity-toity now.


I’m tiring of people. But I think more than anything, I’m tiring of myself.

I’m worn out, and worn down – by opinions, judgements, accusations, others’ emotions. Enough of this.


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