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Dude, we finally landed

“Good news, good news, good news!” (cue Weezer song)

I got my owl figurine! It looks so cute and stout, and it’s in great condition, save for some fading around his right eye. But he looks good nonetheless. As he was a lotion bottle sold by Avon last time, he had this peach colored gunk inside him which used to be rose lotion – it still smelled like rose, but had the consistency of peach sherbet. Haha. Cleaned him out, and he’s good as new now.

Oh, and my mum found my childhood kitten book that I’ve been searching endlessly for! Whoop whoop! I’m so glad she bothered, and I’ll be sure to keep it safe.

Pilates in the morning, Ikea Tampines in the afternoon, and a long nap. I got the cutest clear-glass vase with hobnail bubbles for ninety cents.

Ninety cents! Then my family celebrated Father’s Day at Da Paolo Rochester, and it was a good dinner – great food, nice ambience, and happy campers. A good family outing indeed, I’m happy :)

Now, how about some Etsy finds?

40’s/50’s inspired wiggle dress with bow pattern, from VintageDress


vintage 80’s sailor wrap skirt, from kahiko 

vintage Japanese-dime-store toy kaleidoscope, from covetablecuriosities

It was a hard week at work for me; I was feeling low pretty much most days after work. I really hope things get better as I get more accustomed to things. After all, it pretty much feels like a whoosh of new, overwhelming me. If they don’t, then I think I’ll have to speak to my boss about how things are and how I’m not happy with them. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Dude, we finally landed

  1. good luck good luck about work issues, babe. i’m glad mine starts in 3 months.

    And i like vintage very much too – but i will stick to the vintage shop at the cathay.

    ps: i watched entourage the entire night! no sleep makes my writing a little disjointed.

  2. theletterzee says:

    thanks babe. will fill u in when we meet (which, by the way, are we still on for the 19th???)!

    haha cool. we should go to haji lane next time, there’s some vintage there too, and a lot more ‘vintage-inspired’. the cathay shop is nice, but quite pricey no? then again, most vintage is exp in sg.

    enjoy HK!

  3. well… my family might be organising a dinner for me on thursday.. i know yixiao’s leaving on friday, so might be a bit tight… might meet her on thursday afternoon first, then meet up with you and joyce in the weekends??? let’s see how the schedule works out

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