all together, with feeling now


So I cut my hair today. :D I love my hairdresser, Jack. He’s so easy to talk to, and he’s just really nice as a person. Oh, and of course, he does a mean bob-cut. I wanted something more Jenny McCarthy-ish (very sharp, graduated short bob), but um didn’t know how to translate it. In the end he gave me a way more subtle version of that, but a bob nonetheless, and I think it looks cute. Well, at least for now, when it’s nicely styled and all that. Hah! We’ll know the truth when I wash it out.

Hong Kong in 2 days! Whoop whoop. I can’t wait. Oh by the way the tooth is much better :) No more pain even when lying down (just some odd pressure here and there, but apparently normal). The surgeon looked at it today, and told me it looks pretty good and I don’t even need that syringe thingy to wash the wound cos it’s sealing up quite quickly, so all I have to do is gargle regularly and I’m good as new. Dan tart and fishball kway teow, here I come!


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