all together, with feeling now

Walking After You.

Wow, my sis has a really nice collection of music on her iTunes. Having stuffed my thumbdrive with as many delicious tunes as they’d hold, I now resort to listening to the vast playlist on her Macbook Pro, while she is out.

A thing of beauty, this MacBook. (ahhhh – slowly glides fingers across silky silver surface) I dream of having one for my future apartment :)

I bought a new aloe vera cream today at People’s Park Complex (also known as the treasure trove of cheap toiletries to fulfill your every fancy). It’s from this line of baby products created by a mum-in-need, called California Baby. It wasn’t cheap though, but it was the right mix of cooling and soothing on my skin that I’ve been needing. Cooling without containing alcohol is crucial – imagine how much it’d sting. And it did soften the thicker bits of skin, from what I could tell initially.

We’ll see with this line of products, I’m cautiously optimistic. Trying to commit to not giving up, and all that.

Seeing the right phone number flash across the handphone screen  — and hearing your voice on the other line — definitely highlights of the day. It feels funnily odd and disjointed, without you around.


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