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Afternoon sojourn.

Ooh fun, fun! We finally went for a long, exploratory lunch :) Weaving through the touristy Chinatown bazaar, I found a nice satiny embroidered jewelry wrap, to safely transport my beloved accessories while traveling. For $5 a pop, it was the perfect bargain.

jewelry wrap1

Love the little tulip ends!

jewelry wrap2

Yes, I’ve resorted to using my Mac to take photos of things. So much less hassle! 

Now, for pictures of my Miffy lunch-bag! :D I love that both sides have Miffy doing different, lunch-related things.



Okay, I digress. So after a hot and bothered lunch at Maxwell, we headed to Ann Siang Hill for a walk-around. Fruitful it was, for I picked up lovely egg-blue wrapping paper for $2 from Books Actually, and found plenty of great future gift ideas (ahem, some for myself, I must admit). And this lovely postcard as well – Books Actually has pretty nice ones :

Ink postcard

It says, “I was once a bottle of ink/Inky/Dinky/Thinky/Inky,/Blacky Minky/Bottle of Ink!” I wanted to get the letter Z or letter M ones, but Z was for Zinc (huh?) and M was for Mouse (very unfunny). So the I one it was. 

Everything in this post cost less than S$10 each. Which is pretty rad, honestly :D 


“Light up, light up

As if you had a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice

I’ll be right beside you, dear”

-Run, Snow Patrol


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