said tongue in chic, this could be anything

Yoo Too

Woot! Christmas is just around the corner, boys and girls. I’m excited, because today’s my last day of work this week. :) Plus, the flurry of social activities only picks up for me tomorrow onwards, so I’m looking forward to it. 

In other news, though, my ex-boyfriend from yonks ago suddenly SMS-ed me this morning. We haven’t kept in contact all these years, save for the odd iCQ or Facebook wall message or two these past ten years. He was my first love, and when we broke up, I took a whole year to get over him. So anyway, it was all a little odd.

I’m in a little bit of an “om” mood today. My skin is behaving (so far), I’ve been dilligent about not scratching lately.

Hmm, I wonder if my skin is better because I moved out of Marc’s? Could be Spencer’s presence, or the dustiness of some areas that could be an issue too. Hmmmm. 

By the way, isn’t this Kate Spade bag so cute?

(via Perfect Bound)

And, how rad are these gloves? (Also Kate Spade.)

(via Hi+Low)



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