this could be anything

Light up, light up.

I think I kind of need a pick-me-up to remind me all this frustration and unhappiness is not to be paid much attention to. Life’s still sweet, and you just have to focus on the right things. Like, smiles, kisses and hugs. Versus stress and frustrating work moments.

(light installation by Steve Lambert, via Black*eiffel)

nail polish.

I could watch Nacho Libre every week and not get sick of the lines. I don’t even like Jack Black that much, but I think it’s the most perfect little comedy ever. 

“Beneath the clothes, we find the man. And beneath the man, we find … his… nucleus.”

“Light up, light up

As if you had a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice,

I will be right beside you, dear”

-Run, Snow Patrol


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