comfort food*, this could be anything

up, up, update and away!

Hollo! So I used the weekend to recover, bit by bit. I’m glad to say that today, I’m feeling 95% well! :) Still some residual cold, but the phlegm and cough is pretty much gone! It feels good to be well again. 

I spent the weekend celebrating Father’s Day with both Marc’s and my folks, and eating a lot of good, good grub. On Friday night we had Hokkaido Sushi at M Hotel. I couldn’t taste or enjoy the food totally, but it was not bad I guess.

We celebrated Marc’s birthday with a dinner at Bonta, which both of us loved and enjoyed thoroughly. Mmm, grilled succulent portobello with cheese and smokey bacon on top is still on my mind. And I am still craving that awesome pesto they served with the warm olive, nut and cheese bread. Highly recommend. And they are having 30% discount off ala carte menu till end of this month! Go, go!

Other weekend highlights : dinner at Akashi with my family, and Ghim Moh breakfast on Saturday.

(rubs tummy in glee)

And the eating continues! Tonight, we’re headed to Long Beach seafood because Marc’s auntie is back from beijing and it’s her treat. :) I will ironically be eating something vegetarian and pedestrianly boring there, like vege hor fun or something, and can only eye everybody’s crab pincers and live vicariously through watching their pepper-and-butter-covered fingers peel the flesh out. (grunt) 

Zee + seafood restaurant = ?!

Oh well, the company is more important than the food, right!? Right. Right. 

Ooh, and this weekend has been decidedly wedding-y. Because… I went to CHIJMES to meet my wedding coordinator again, and witnessed a wedding. It makes you excited thinking how yours will turn out. Alsoooo I tried TWO Vera Wang gowns at The Link Wedding on Saturday. One was awesome, it made me feel glowy and gorgeous. Like a classy bride. It was also a very classy S$10,000. Ahuh. Alright. 

(slips dress off and backs away very, very slowly)


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