this could be anything

on the nose.


 I am happy and beyond relieved that they have started making this again. 

This Amande mist has been my absolute favourite ‘me’ fragrance for years, and when I realized they were disappearing sometime last year, I sent M to London to stock up on my behalf (okay, more like he was sent to London for a work conference). 

They changed the bottle from charming glass to plastic, and seem to have shrunk the size to make it a bit more portable. But I’m not complaining! Whee :)

P/S This Honey & Lemon scent smells pretty yummy too. But I’m not sure if it’s got that strong alcohol smell that EDTs suffer from… Ugh. 

Okay, so I know I’m like a month plus early, but if y’all have difficulty deciding what to get me for my birthday, I’d be really thrilled to get the Honey & Lemon EDT. I’m also very much in love with the Chloe EDP, if you’re feeling extra generous. :)

Please don’t get fragranced moisturisers or soaps/body washes though, because my sensitive skin can’t deal. :)

Okay. Self-indulgent and mildly embarrassing moment over!

Just trying to make gifting a little easier for you – I know what a headache it can be sometimes, and perfect that I stumbled upon a few nice-but-relatively-affordable things I’m wanting.


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