all together, with feeling now

Random stuff from today.

I saw a man on the train wear a tee shirt that said, “If the ‘Ring! Ring!’ doesn’t get you, the ‘Beep! Beep!’ will”.

How true. We live a world of such constant connectedness.

Deep, for a rainy Wednesday morning commute. 


Omfg! Melly Fong, of Greenlaundry blogfame, has a gnome tattoo on her ankle. How cool! And that gnome is from those gnome storybooks me and Yirong used to read as children. :D

Do you ever wake up and put on outfit after outfit an outfit, walk out of the house, and then regret your choice in some way?

I do. It’s happened quite a bit lately, too.

I then spend a good part of the morning hearing this in my head, “Aaaahhh! I need to go shopping for a new ____ [Fill in blank with clothing item] with a ______[Unique characteristic]”. For example, this morning it was :

“Aaaahhh! I need to go shopping for a new dress with a big graphic print and billowy cut!”



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