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Rave. Thanks Nic!

So, I’ve often featured works of U.S. wedding photographers with glowing admiration. It’s high time I featured someone local, don’t you say? (Other than my actual-day wedding photographer.)

{BitterSweet photography, by Joseph}

A friend very kindly passed on this contact, knowing that I’m getting married next year. A pity, since Marc and I decided against doing a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, in a bid to save $.

O, But my heart is saying, Yes! Yes! Yes!


Post-wedding shoot? … Maybe…? Hehe.

I find Joseph‘s use of light beautiful – it’s got that saturated tinge that I so love. His greatest strength, in my humble opinion, is in the pre-wedding shots he does. (His actual-day stuff is pretty good, too.) And the poses he gets couples to assume are, well, unassuming. Even the serious shots. They’re never contrived, and the shots convey an intimacy from the natural-ness of the poses.

You have to go through the blog entry to see the ‘flow’ of the shots – I couldn’t post all of them here, though I’d have loved to! The sequence in which he posts them makes you feel you’re right there with the couple, watching them go from serious pose, to bantering, to laughter, and then to tenderness. Nice.

I heart. 


2 thoughts on “Rave. Thanks Nic!

  1. Hey Zee, you are honestly far too kind towards me, thank you so much :) made my day haha…

    Do let me know if you want that photoshoot though eh? ;P

    • theletterzee says:

      Hello Joseph! You’re welcome, I meant every word. :) Yes will let you know if we have the budget for it! Thanks :)

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