design love, said tongue in chic, this could be anything

micro / macro.

{Albeit Jewelry}

This is quite nice, innit? They have other alphabets, symbols (like ampersand, plus, and asterisk) and numbers too. But I can’t quite decide if it’s going to be something I wear very often and for a long time, to justify the price (US$310).

The weekend was quite epic. We celebrated my fiance’s sister’s 21st birthday with a BBQ cook-out, complete with star-shaped pinata, sparklers for candles, and balloons and buntings. There was also shopping on Saturday afternoon, followed by darts and karaoke late into the night. On Sunday, we cleaned out a part of our room – which is why I’m at work sniffly and swollen-eyed from the dust. Eugh.

Off to Manila this week, so it’s crunch time at work to prepare for the trip. Won’t be posting much, but hopefully I’ll find time in the next few days.¬†

Info tidbit : some interesting stuff about Twitter, social media and companies –

Evan Williams talks about twitter and its power.

How companies use Twitter to bolster their brands.


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