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a thought cloud.

“What if?” must be one of the most intriguing-frustrating-indulgent-tempting-don’t-go-there questions ever.

You can apply this question to ‘most any life situation or life choice – and oh yes oh yes you will ask “What If?” when it comes to planning your wedding.

(Can you tell from my recent few posts that I’ve slipped back into ‘bride’ mode, after floating off elsewhere for a while? Ha!)


What if we chose the hydrangeas for all tables, instead of eustomas and hydrangeas on alternate tables?

What if my bridal gown – THE DRESS – was champagne instead of off-white?

What if we danced down the aisle a la JK Wedding Entrance? (Would my mom faint from shock, or mortification?)

What if we chose not to cut the fake plaster wedding cake, which 90% of the people present – including us two cutting the damn thing with a real knife – know is made of plaster?

What if we eloped to Vegas and got married by Elvis? (Again, would my mom faint from shock, or mortification?)

Aye. But really. This question applies even more to the location of your wedding. 

You see, recently, my wedding venue coordinator upped and left for another establishment. This is not uncommon, but what was slightly more worrying was the possibility that we would be passed from coordinator to coordinator (there was an exodus of staff from the company), orphaned and unloved. 

Contractually speaking, said wedding venue could pull our event from their list up to a month prior to the event. So, basically, if we were left wedding venue-less a couple months before the event, … well, the wedding just wouldn’t happen. 

Amid all that, Marc and I began to think of Plan B. 

What if we had to re-do everything? Start from square one?

The thought was at once scary, tiring, and exciting. 

I relished the idea of having the perfect excuse to stage a smaller wedding (“oh, our venue bailed on us, sorry!”).

Also, I’d gotten all the greedy satisfaction of planning the design deets of the ‘big’ wedding, so now I’d get to apply my little brain to a more intimate event.

Woot! Two events planned, and fantasized-about, and lived-out in my mind, and only one that we needed to pay for! Haha.

But really, to answer the question – I think we’d just have a series of wedding-y events.

{image by Jesse Leake, via bklynbrideonline }

We’d hold a small wedding at a kitschy location, just the way we secretly fantasized about but knew was impossible for many reasons. 

{photo by James Mountford, via A Cup of Jo }

Then we’d elope to Vegas on our honeymoon, and get married by Elvis in a drive-thru chapel. Ha!

But you know what? Either way things go — as long as there’s us two, me in a dreamy confection of a dress and Marc dashing and heartbreakingly-dapper suited, our hearts brimful of love and excitement, ready to get married (!)… that’s all that matters to me. 



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