all together, with feeling now

my amazing saturday.

I met up with Y and  J for tea at P.S. Cafe today. Y and I were celebrating our birthdays – one belated, one premature. Haha. It was great just trading stories, listening to one another talk about anything and nothing, being in each other’s company. Plus, the P.S. Cafe at Palais with its colonial-home black and white decor was most pleasant to while away a humid afternoon in.

Then, shopping and dinner with J and V. But the awesomest part was this – over dinner, we were saying we wanted to do something fun post-dinner. Drinks? Nah. I don’t imbibe in alcohol, so it wasn’t the best idea. Clubbing? Not in our casual wear. So V came up with the brilliant idea of going to the Night Safari. And we did!

I haven’t been there in 10 over years, and it was even better than I last remembered it to be. We saw lions, flying foxes (and saw one take flight in the aviary!), eager otters, lots and lots of deer, a very curious anteater, Malayan tigers (the animals were ‘supported’/sponsored by Tiger Balm! Ha), long-tailed porcupines, majestic elephants, giant termite nests (for the ant-eaters), and the cutest, most steady-moving, i-know-what-i’m-doing, slow loris ever. It was a real hoot, and I must say the Night Safari is a fantastic attraction for animal lovers.

 It’s late, I’m beat, and I am oh so tempted to collapse into bed without showering. But the time spent with the girlies was totally worthwhile the sleep sacrifice. :)


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