Etsy finds, this could be anything

little bribes.

If M knew I was up blogging at this hour, he’d be nagging at me. (He’s sound asleep now, thankfully!)

I’m slightly more awake than I’d like to be at 1.22 in the morning because a) I slept for 12 hours last night, and b) still drained, I took a nap this afternoon. A nap from which I woke with a bloody throbbing and gripping headache. Ugh. Two panadols and an hour plus later, I was better, but am still feeling giddy-ish now.

I tend to get like this – all bodily systems out of whack – when I get my period. (Sorry if it’s too much info! But that’s why you read blogs right?) Stomach pains, gastric, headache… all fair game.

Nonetheless, in prettier matters.

I’ve become convinced that a chunky necklace  is de rigeur on my shopping list.

{red brass necklace, US$15 from Elstreasures on Etsy}

I am tres tempted by this 80’s delight :

{US$15, from VeridiAum Vintage on Etsy}

But having said that, I’m also very taken by the delicate yet rugged nature of this tiny, understated, branch necklace –

{Tiny branch necklace, US$24 by Michelle Chang Jewellry on Etsy}

I should really be hitting the sack now. Etsy is eeevil!


4 thoughts on “little bribes.

  1. w. says:

    HA well i haven’t bought anything recently, but i keep going and looking and WANTING and then feeling miserable. ‘cos i know i -shouldn’t-.

    but i Really Want this typewriter:

    especially since i even more wanted this typewriter, then while hemming and hawwing and feeling a bit sick thinking about the pricetag, someone bought it! :(


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