hello again!

Hello there! I’m sorry for disappearing on you for a week or so, I’ve been in Melbourne visiting my fiance’s younger sister. It was a surprise trip – she had no idea we were going over, and we showed up at her 21st birthday party! Yep, she was surprised alright. :) Well worth all that secrecy!

Melbourne is a fantastic city – laidback, good food (oh, the breakfasts), great coffee, stylish people, friendly service, quaint architecture. We also headed out to Phillip Island (koalas! penguins! koalas! awww!), and took a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. Nothing short of awesome there.

The trip was, for me, a great respite from Singapore and its heat and worries. Plus, seeing M’s sis and his cousins and spending a lotta time with them was really, really nice. :) Of course, complete with ups and downs, which leads me to feel both happy and sad that I had to come back… for a mix-bag multitude of reasons that I won’t bore you with here.

In particular, I’m a little sad because M and his folks are going to Sydney for five days tomorrow. And I had to come back home. I miss M dearly already, and I had really wanted to see Sydney too. Oh well, next time then!


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