all together, with feeling now

a walk on the wild side

{ courtesy of the gorgeously witty Garance Dore }

A phone call all the way from Sydney warmed the cockles of my nervous heart.

Turns out, when I’m nervous, I need to blog.

This may amount to nothing, but I’ve got to try. No more excuses, no more ‘why’… it’s just something I’ve gotta do.

You just know it’s been making you miserable in all these small little ways, like little paper cuts on your skin, and you just hear this little voice saying – “What am I doing here? I don’t want to be here.” And the illusion of being strong and gritting your teeth through it… really isn’t holding up very well.

At some point, I have to stop denying and start listening. Misgivings, and all. Because I will make the best of what comes next.


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