design love, this could be anything

Camera Non-Obscura.

I really am itching to get one of these babies :

{ courtesy of Lomography Asia }

It’s a Rollei Retro400 black and white disposable camera. I’m seriously considering passing one or two of these to my very talented and trigger-happy friends at the wedding, and see what fotomagik they come up with.

I also am trying really hard to resist getting a Diana Mini! I’ve been eyeing a Diana+ for ages. And this new edition takes 35mm standard film, and can do half-format! WOOT. I’ll need to buy a hotshoe flash though, I realize that I hardly use my film cameras that require bright daylight to function. 

{ courtesy of Diana Mini }

-closes eyes and gets on knees-

“Are you there, Boyfriend? It’s me, Zee.”

(a la “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.”) (Ah, Judy Blume.)


Yeah, I still feel more comfortable calling M my boyfriend. I can’t get ‘fiance’ out my mouth as easily, cos to my ears it sounds a tad contrived somehow.

Oh. Also. It’s finally the weekendddd! It’s been a really, reeaally long week.  So much happened, and emotionally it was quite a rollercoaster. And I’m bushed from it all. Thank goodness I have the weekend to regroup and recuperate.

I’m spending my Saturday visiting my wedding gown designer, moving back to M’s place, and meeting Monnycat for a long-overdue pedicure and dinner. On Sunday M will be back (yay!), and we’re going for a massage. Cannot wait to just chill with him.

I hope you have a great weekend yourself!


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