all together, with feeling now, comfort food*


Wow, am I tired from an eventful weekend.

On Friday night, Joyces and I headed to Naive at Katong. A vegetarian cafe with neighborhood-chic decor, it serves up good (albeit expensive) dishes suitable for seafood-allergic people like me. It’s great – I can order anything off the menu without worrying!

Picture 21

{ Naive’s website }

I really like their tagline, “Absence of Artificiality”. I also love the thoughtfulness put into decorating. Apparently the owners bought 5 locally-grown trees that were threatening to fall, and fashioned them into 2 long communal tables, 12 stools, and 2 long benches.

While there, Joyce and I tried the fried noodles, olive rice, tofu with toasted oats, and oyster mushroom tempura. I’d say the food is best described by the name : simple and pure in tastes; uncomplicated, healthful and easy. Not everybody’s cup of tea, but a nice addition for more variety in the local dining-out scene.

Another highlight of the weekend was accomplishing our first DIY project ever :

{ Ikea Malm chest of 6 drawers }

We got this in birch veneer, the light Scandinavian wood color. And we (well, mainly M) put this together in 4 hours! The same night we carted it home from Ikea. What a dear! He screwdrived, hammered, pushed, fitted his way into giving me more storage for my jewelry and bags, even though he was already tired and it was getting late.

Man, DIY is hard work.

Anyway now it’s done and it’s perfect, and I cannot wait to start using it for my beloved jewelry and bags :)

The rest of my weekend : wedding gown search in Delfi Orchard with a close girlfriend (for her, not for me), getting a pedicure and having a tete-a-tete with my dearest Monnycat, and getting a massage and hair cut (now it’s too short. bah).


Sidenote : I’m so glad M’s back.. :)


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