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a child’s book / a love story / engagement party invite.

{ images by Jami Saunders, via bklynbrideonline }

Please go to bklynbride and see this. It is too cute and so ingenious!

To hijack this post with a little update…

Good morning everyone! I had a great evening out with the New York gang, and we had awesome burgers and fries at The Hand Burger, a new burger place at Raffles City. Apparently it was the first day of operations for them, so we were early. I had the beer-battered dory burger, which was scrumptious and came with straight cut fries and lotus root crisps (but only 3 of them). The others had The Works (with bacon, egg, beef patty, onion rings and mushrooms), the Reuben burger and the Portobello burger. I didn’t have  the stomach space to try theirs, but they all seemed pleased with their food. Also, The Hand Burger serve Grinders coffee, which I like – not too intense for my weak coffee tastes.

It’s really nice to know that three years on (from our New York trip that cemented the friendship), we’re all still so close and can still talk and laugh like we don’t have to go to work the next day. It’s such fun, and helps make sure I never forget why we became close in the first place.


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