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This series of posts about secrets to a happy marriage on A Cup of Jo is so timely! Also, it’s fun and eye-opening to hear other couples’ tips and insights.

{ image by Karen Mordechai, via A Cup of Jo }

In particular, I love Elly‘s tips :

I’ve gleaned many good tips about marriage along the way, but the thread that runs through them all is to never stop learning. My husband’s unexpected strengths–his patience, his kindness, his unconditional love, his yo-yo finesse–are all things that I couldn’t have possibly known about him when I said, “I do.” But, without learning to let him be him, learning to listen, learning to be wrong, learning to love, just learning how to be married, I’m not sure where we’d be now or where we’d end up. And I can’t imagine what our marriage would be like without those moments where I say to myself, “Well, this is new!” while Doug “loops the loop.”

And also, this article in the New York Times … I can only say, anyone contemplating marriage should read it, in my humble opinion. It’s written by a wife who stood by her husband in a very difficult time, even when most wives would scream, throw pillows, tear hair out, or walk away. She just stayed, and continued being a good wife. And that made all the difference. (No, he didn’t cheat on her.)

The article reminds me that beyond all the flowers,and favor jar colors, music choices, parents to please, and champagne satin and tulle fluff… there is a marriage that will be hard, and that will tear your heart in two sometimes… That will also light you up within, that binds you together, to each other, like nothing else in the world can.


{ image via Le Love }


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