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strangers on this road, we are all

I met up with T, my ex-colleague (more like ex-partner in crime), yesterday for dinner at Din Tai Fung. We gave each other extensive updates, ordered too much food, and talked till our throats were scratchy and dry. I miss having T at work, those were such glorious, glorious times.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a still scratchy throat, and for whatever reason, dry and itchy elbows. Rarh. -annoyed and itchy-

But hey, check this out – the World’s Smallest Postal Service. Or WSPS, for short.

Lea Raymond, ‘postmaster’ and artist, will go around stores and cafes in the San Francisco bay area and help you send out tiny love letters, wedding announcements… anything.

{ Leafcutter Designs }

She handwrites them on a miniature desk, and seals the letters with a miniature wax seal. The letters come with a magnifying glass for the recipient.

You can even order the letters online (but they come typed in a smaller font than handwritten versions)!

Who can resist miniatures? I know I can’t!


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