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the cutest things

Whoa. So I doubt my bridesmaids are all up for something this fierce, but…. wow. Such atttttitude!

(And the bride is seriously gorgeous.)

{ via East Side Bride, Kristi & Anthony‘s wedding photos by Christine Chang. Knuckle rings from Heist Jewelry. }

And this made me do an inner squeal of delight when I saw it …

{ Simplewear }

… Hello. Rompers for twins! Word.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! I’m going to do some girly talk, shopping browsing and catch Coco Avant Chanel with Xiao, and perhaps brave the COMEX fair with M on Sunday. We need a new laptop. Both our laptops have either conked out or are on the edge of.

On top of that, we should go fix that poster we recently framed up – it’s got an air bubble in it :( We spent $150 on framing, too! Ridic. They better fix it for free. I am also hoping there’ll be enough time to a) loll about Starbucks, and b) curl up in bed with M.

It’s been a heck of a week.


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