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nothing says ‘love’ to me like a good breakfast (has to have eggs or sausages to qualify.)

I’m really craving for the hearty, delicious breakfasts we had in kitsch little Melbourne cafes.

Specimen number 1 : poached eggs with hollandaise and dill, atop sourdough toast with avocado and smoked salmon.

Specimen number 2 : Hungry humans, posing to be polite.

By the way, this was my birthday brunch at a cafe called MART, it used to be a tram station. The tram line still runs through and stops there! How cool.

Anyway, so this weekend, we have made plans to go to Graze. In the hopes that they will fulfill our (well, my) itch for a Melbournesque breakfast… and make me feel full and happy, the way only eggs and too much sauce chased down with a hot sweet latte can.



5 thoughts on “nothing says ‘love’ to me like a good breakfast (has to have eggs or sausages to qualify.)

  1. Short decaf soy latte please says:

    I read that Spruce in the Dempsey area does a pretty mean brekkie.

    Also there’s Jules Cafe Bar in Braddell Heights helmed by a homesick Melburnian. They even have Grinders coffee. Have not tried either yet.

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi there, yeah I heard about Spruce too, but haven’t seen any blog reviews on their brunch/brekkie… Ooh Jules Cafe Bar sounds interesting. Thanks for the recc! By the way, I heart Grinders coffee too. :) They have Grinders at Riders Cafe too, off Eng Neo Ave :)

  2. Like you I searched for the perfect eggs benedict in Singapore that I remember from Melbourne city and Carlton.

    I resigned to cooking it at home in the end. It’s not that hard really. It won’t look pretty but the flavours are there! The hollandaise sauce is the trickiest part.

    I might venture out again but small serving sizes are a major grouse for me :(

    P.S. Congrats on getting Mrs Chia. She’s one of a kind.

    • theletterzee says:

      I’m not much of a cook, but maybe I can convince M, my fiance, to do the experimenting :P

      I’ll try Graze and update on the blog about how it is :) (My friend went and she took photos, the food portions look fairly generous!)

      Re Mrs Chia – THANKS! :) We’re really happy about it as well. Esp since our wedding date is so popular, it’s a stroke of luck she wasn’t taken at our solemnisation time!

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