said tongue in chic, this could be anything

top of the morning

My massage yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. With those nifty TVs that come with the massage chairs, I managed to catch some prime-time programming so my brain could check out of the building for a while… and my masseuse sure attacked my rubber-tyre-stiff shoulders with all her force. (Commendable effort, my dear.)

On a separate note, this skirt by Risto made me go ooh-aah when I saw it on StyleBubble :

{ via Stylebubble, by Risto }

I’m fantasizing about wearing the skirt with a clean white singlet and white Keds. And a chunky brown chain necklace.

Now, if only.

I am also fantasizing a LOT about the honeymoon. New York, Paris, Florence… how cool it’d be to ‘live’ like a local in these cities even for just a while? Sigh. :)


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