all together, with feeling now

just one of those things.

It has been a very eventful weekend, to say the least. Saturday was spent hanging out with the NY gang and celebrating Dot’s wedding (congratulations dear! You looked gorgeous), Sunday spent feeling blah, Monday spent nursing a migraine and a cold.

Not the best weekend. (Save for Saturday, which was fun :))

Also, there has been a rather unexpected and abrupt change of plans regarding living plans post-wedding, and M and I are still reeling from it. Ah well. C’est la vie, non?

By the way, I picked up the Teach Yourself French audio guide on Friday night. I’m quite excited to pick up even just a little French! :) Let’s hope I will be fluent conversationally by the time our honeymoon comes around. (Would be so handy if we go to France.)

Couldn’t resist the picture of Provence lavender fields. I’m weak like that.

A new week, a new beginning. Let’s see what this week holds… :)


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