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Sorry for the slow posts lately! I’ve been pretty worn out these few days. For a couple weeks now I feel like I’ve not been resting well, so I wake up tired and stiff and aching. So work aside, creative expression was really not on the priority list.

(The title is a Chinese saying that loosely translates as your body being split 5 ways by horses. Morbid much?)

Have I also mentioned there is the wedding and our room redecoration that need my attention too? And because of things that were in super-flux mode a while back, it’s taken some adaptation and change in plans on our side. Which, I have to say, is mucho draining.

So our weekends have been spent furniture hunting, errand running, enjoying family time, and finally, squeezing in some ‘us’ time. Weekdays are – again work aside – spent ironing out little errands, chasing vendors, and doing whatever else we can with what little energy we have. My brain feels split so many ways, it’s a little lost now.

I realize as the wedding date inches closer and closer, I am having these mini panic attacks. Which in my humble opinion, is kind of to be expected. (But bridezilla, I am not. Like, todally.)

But anyway. Let me go catch my breath, and may I find some blog-spiration again soon.

In the meantime, some beautiful images and type that resonate with me, in the spirit of my all-over-the-place brain trying to do / say too many things at once. I hope you like ’em. :)

{all from the fantastic ffffound}


2 thoughts on “五马分尸。

  1. cherylg says:

    oh dear… hope’re you’re getting in more rest. but sleep’s never enough eh?

    and i don’t think you could be bridezilla even if you tried!

    i was a guinea pig for a friend doing a make-up class…and of all things she did bridal make-up on me. made me think of all the brides-to-be i know…including you. hang in there…the girly goodness and princess treatment will start soon!

  2. theletterzee says:

    hey dear, haha well… i finished up all the ‘prison break’ i have :( so i suppose the late nights will end, somewhat. i miss Michael Scofield already! :(

    haha thanks, well yeah i suppose m and i just had a clear idea of what this wedding celebration means to us – which is to say, much, but not that much. so yeah no bridezilla in sight, at least not till 2 weeks before the wedding! haha.

    oh really? i’m sure u looked really good in the bridal make-up ;) hehe post up photos!

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