this could be anything

a general observation.

it’s so funny how men get easily threatened by young(er), more junior female subordinates. Say something smart, and they pretend they don’t hear her. Or, even more incredulously, they ignore what she says first and then repeat that very same idea 5 minutes into the discussion.

Big egos are, in my view, ultimately protective eggshells built around huge insecurities… they sure do crack easily! :)

{from allthemountains, via ffffound}


2 thoughts on “a general observation.

  1. theletterzee says:

    heh heh heh :) u could still eat soft-boiled in them i think.

    i’m craving those kopitiam soft boiled eggs beat up with soy sauce and pepper. now, if only i have time in the morning to slurp it up….

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