feet in.

So, these are wedding shoes contender #1.

I’m super picky about footwear – I live in flats almost every day because I can’t be arsed to wear uncomfortable shoes. (And yes, high heels to me are rather uncomfortable.) And since wearing ballet flats in my more formal wedding setting wasn’t going to cut it for me, I was kind of worried I may end up with either painful-beautiful, or comfy-frumpy shoes.

Also, I wasn’t about to pay for a pair of Louboutins or Choos, -sigh- as much as I’d like to dream about them adorning my feet as I walk down the aisle. S$1000 for a pair of shoes that would a) hurt, b) risk a fall, c) be worn maybe 3x a year?

Also, do the math. S$1000 = 1/4 a Chanel bag = 100 taxi rides = 2000 weekday lunches = 20 pairs of nice flats. Nah. Easy decision.

So, thank the shoe gods when I followed my instincts to Substance at OUB (or is it UOB?) Centre one weekday evening, while waiting for M to finish work. I don’t usually visit this shop, but I was getting a bit desperate, having had no luck in Nine West, On Pedder, Pedder Red, Charles & Keith,, urbanoutfitters, shopbop,….. you name it, I’ve shopped it.

And there it was. With a S$49.90 price tag. Perfect height. With some gel inserts, pretty wearable. Nice suede and jewel tones. Art-deco inspired design. Easy decision #2!

I’ll be trotting these out to my first wedding gown fitting this Friday and we’ll see if these past the acid test. I’m excited to see the gown, yo! And feel like a real bride. Fingers and toes crossed, of course.


2 thoughts on “feet in.

  1. theletterzee says:

    -waves- hi di! fb me soon! i miss hearing frm u :)

    and yes it’s frm substance. really? thanks… i was concerned it may look a bit clowny. haha

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