said tongue in chic

the morning after.

Let’s just say, I’ve used up all my months’ (leading up to the wedding) worth of ‘1-item-a-month’ buys. All of it.

Guilty as charged! Or not, depending on how you look at it.

After all – flat rate int’l shipping! I had to get a gift for a friend! Things were on sale! I had a discount code! The GBP is weak! I need a new evening dress or two for all the weddings to come! Polka dots + green = awesomely cute bag! Plastic brooch was just 2GBP! Lucite lasts forever!

Ok, enough. Here’s most of what I bought (excluding lingerie & a birthday gift) :

Warehouse petal fold tulip dress

Plastic bow brooch, cream & black

Lattice back maxi dress

Cath Kidston eco spot bag

{all images courtesy of ASOS}

(p/s I’m not sure why the clothing items I bought all feature the same model. Weird. And she’s my least favourite ASOS model, too.)


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