Our solemnizer


… is no longer Mrs C.

She wasn’t…(struggles to find the right words) the right fit.

You see, she wanted to get the ceremony done in 12 minutes. The stickler for me was that she had agreed to take on a 6.30pm solemnization at another venue, after agreeing to take on ours at 6pm. So what that meant was, she wanted to start the solemnization at 6pm sharp, and be outta there by 6.15pm.

I’m sure that’s fine with a lot of other people, but for me, I wasn’t about to spend my solemnization thinking, 12minutes12minutes12minutes. I wanted to maybe have readings done, I wanted to recite my vows with heart and meaning, I didn’t want to get it over and done with, which was how I felt she viewed it. I don’t really understand why she’d want to pack the weddings so close to one another – after all, isn’t it better to take on fewer and perform them all better?

In my interactions with her, even before she told me about the 6.30pm solemnization, I sincerely struggled to see how she was sincere and nice. At times, I found her condescending and patronizing. She consistently forgot who she was talking to (when is your wedding date? Have I met you already?), even though every call I’ve made with her was initiated by her. She also was a bit too vocal about her Christian beliefs, which I wasn’t comfortable with, being a non-believer.

So, we’ve found another solemnizer. :) I’ll reveal her name once things are fixed.

p/s I’d just like to say that this is my honest reflection of my personal experience with Mrs. C. I don’t doubt that others really enjoyed having her as their solemnizer, but that just wasn’t my experience. And I really truly appreciate that solemnizers make huge sacrifices on personal and family time to be the key binding element in new marriages, so I’m definitely not making light of her offer to solemnize our marriage.


2 thoughts on “Our solemnizer

    • theletterzee says:

      Thanks man! Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. :)

      Can’t wait to meet up with you in a couple months… getting excited! Hope you’re doing well!

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