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{Kate Murphy, via Once Wed}

Okay, first of all. Beautiful and chic wedding on Once Wed.

See more on Kate Murphy’s blog… the photos are amazing in how real and plump with emotion they feel, while retaining the bride & groom’s elegance and style.

Secondly, awesome gown story (and awesome gown!) from the bride, Cory…

“I had been adoring the Lela Rose “Mansion” wedding dress for quite some time, but knew I didn’t want to spend $10,000 on a dress. I was in Nashville over Christmas last year, and happened to wander into this cool discount designer store, U.A.L., where I found that exact Lela Rose dress I had torn out of magazines a hundred times hanging way in the back. It fit me perfectly, needed nothing except a new zipper, and let’s just say I got it for more than 90% off the retail price!! It was pretty unreal!”


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