said tongue in chic



As you may already know, I am in love with outfits that are both chic and extremely comfortable at the same time. Case in point – love the stripes sloping over her shoulder! And the baggy khaki pleat-front pants are a nice little surprise.


While this next look doesn’t seem as comfortable, I love the way Dree Hemingway (yes, The Hemingway’s great-granddaughter!) plays with proportion here.

On a self-indulgent note, my shopping list has grown to sizeable proportions. (I’m justifying it, nonetheless! Ha.)

Firstly, I am on a search for a roomy work-worthy bag. Work-worthy, meaning leather, well-made, but not without style/usability.

I am also looking for nice work separates/dresses, and low heels.

Also on the list – makeup for the wedding, as I don’t want to use the m/u artist’s mascara/liner since I have sensitive eyes.

And last but not least, jewelry! Necklaces and/or bracelets to go with my wedding gown and evening gown, that won’t cost an arm and a leg and two toes.

Yeah, yeah, so the shopping ban didn’t work. Haha.


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