pretty things, said tongue in chic

string me along.

I’ve been hunting for a necklace to match my evening gown at the wedding. And, lo and behold, I stumbled upon Charm & Chain.

Charm & Chain is Heaven for necklace lovers like me, and while I didn’t find anything that was both suitable and affordable, it’s a decadent pleasure to browse through.

Millie & Me Cascade Pearl Necklace

Millie & Me Cascade Pearl Necklace, US$398

Fenton Deconstruction Choker

Fenton Deconstruction Choker, US$825

Issy Salomon Chained Heart Necklace

Issy Salomon Chained Heart Necklace, US$115

Now, if only the price tags weren’t so daunting…


7 thoughts on “string me along.

  1. hey zhirong you might wanna check out the jewellery section of joveeba ( it’s an aussie line i randomly found sometime back and i was surprised karen cheng featured it recently.

    their clothing offerings aren’t really up my alley but their jewellery totally is! i love gold-plated stuff, hardware, chunky necklaces with a mixture of textures and materials, and simple statement pieces so their offerings work for me. not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but good luck anyways!

    celest x

  2. theletterzee says:

    ooh yeah the necklaces are really cool and unique :)

    hehe yeah i love london so much… stayed there a couple days every few weeks when i was on exchange in bath. i miss it…. enjoy it for me! xoxo

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