my brain’s in all places so please excuse me while i tidy up.

Loose ends to be tied up :

– Solemniser

(needs to renew license ASAP, latest mid-Dec. If not, approach another)

– File for notice of marriage

(Dependent on solemniser situation)

– Musician

(Decide between Anne Weerapass, Josephine A Little Dream, & Joanna Dong)

– Flowers

( SAM!)

– Wedding jewelry purchase

(2x necklace evening gown. 1x bangle or bracelet)

– Wedding makeup purchase

(eyeliner & mascara, before 2nd fitting & hair/mu trial)

– Emcee meet-up and scripts

– Favor assembly

(stamping, packing)

– Photo movie

(waiting for my baby photos from dad)

– Invites

(addressing, stamping, sending out – to be completed by mid/end Nov)

A lot of people have asked me, “Don’t you just wish for the day to be over already?” And the answer is no. I don’t. I don’t want it to be ‘over already’, in the sense of dreading it and wishing I could get it over and done with. But I do want to just get to the day, like now. Without some of the nitty gritty that I wished we could do without.


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