the bling bling.

I am in love with that font, and the 50’s dancing couple. Check out the amazingly dreamy wedding these cards came from, here.

Update 1

By the way, we’ve found our wedding singer! Her name is Joanna Dong, and she’s a multi-talented local artiste who dabbles in jazz, Chinese musical theatre, electronica and more. Her voice is melodious and clear, and has a Stacey Kent type quality to it. If all goes well, we’ll be able to assemble (in Joanna’s words) a “dream team” of a quartet with ace local musicians on double bass, piano and saxophone. :)

Update 2

I’ve also bought my wedding jewelry.

Now, this was quite a point of contention for me.

I’ve always believed that precious jewelry is at best a decadence, at worst a waste of money.

At this point in my life, cash is still my most treasured asset. (Probably because I don’t have a lot of it!) It’s liquid; jewelry is not.

Besides, that cash spent on a few pieces of jewelry could easily go to a sofa, a nice bed, or an Eames chair (or six).

But my mum was very insistent that she purchase some as ‘jia zhuang’, or a bridal gift from parents to daughter upon marriage. So, realizing I wouldn’t be able to talk (and then, argue) my way out of it, we visited the diamond dealer and purchased a necklace and a tennis bracelet.

They are beautiful, I concur. But as I left the diamond dealer’s office, I jokingly told M, “I must be the saddest diamond customer in the world!”

But having suitably mourned the loss of the money, and realizing the irreversability of the thing, these are the ‘silver linings’ I can think of.

1) I have small wrists. So that meant lesser diamonds on that tennis bracelet. It could’ve been worse!

2) The jewelry will come into good use in future, as everyday or special occasion jewelry.

And I guess the most important point of all, which has nothing to do with Return on Investment… my mum and dad’s sentiment. They want this to be a piece of my history, a gift from them to me as I enter a monumental rite of passage, a tangible piece of their love and a tangible marker in time of this event.

Now, that….. I won’t argue with. :)

{image by Max Wanger, via 100 Layer Cake}


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