Etsy finds, this could be anything


Hello, new layout!

Do you like it? :) I did it just to add a bit of cheer ’round here. Seeing as I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed the past week or so, and my skin is paying the dues. Which leads to an itchy, scratchy, not-so-happy me.

The trouble is, there are just so many things to do, so many places for my brain to be every other moment. And it’s all happening now, this month. Things need to be bought, vendors need to be cajoled and negotiated with, logistics need to be discussed, work needs to get done.

I need some order; I need some respite. Or maybe I just need a plate of pasta. And a back-scratcher.

But I really should just head to bed, right?

{Nightingale Black Dress by itsokmydear}


2 thoughts on “mellifluous.

  1. diana says:

    lovely new layout, and i LOVE the dress (would have gotten it if not for the pricetag)

    just want to drop a YOU-GO-GIRL from HK! as i try to tell myself, the stress now is only temporary, will slowly lessen over time…


  2. theletterzee says:

    hello you! I miss you back here. thank you for loving the layout! and the dress would look amazing on you… i can picture it already :) hint hint to andrew! haha

    thank you for the encouragement, yeah i know i just have to grit my teeth through this trying period …. by the way, i’ve been meaning to email / fb you but just haven’t found a spare moment :(

    hope all is well with you too ! xo


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