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my beauty loot.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Waterproof mascara, S$18 or so

Shu Uemura eyelash curler, S$32 (pricey but supposedly gives you lasting curl without hurting your lashes)

MAC Liquidlast liner in Point Black, S$33

I’m intending to use my own eye makeup (but not my own eyeshadow) for my makeup trial, pre-wedding shoot (yes, we’re possibly doing one after all! But I’ll save that story for another blog post…) and the wedding day itself. I have sensitive eyes that are prone to infection, and it’s gotten so bad before that I had to get day surgery… it was such a painful and harrowing experience, that I have no desire to repeat it ever again. -shudder-

Which explains my concern for product quality, degree of hassle-free-ness and ease of use, and ease of removal. Of course, price was also a factor since I don’t ever use eyeliner or mascara ‘cept for (really) special occasions. So, after doing lots of investigative research (reading Cozycot & Makeupalley), and tempted by a 20% discount on the mascara, I took the plunge on these products over the course of this week.

The MAC eyeliner was kind of an impulse buy, because a couple days before, I’d bought the L’Oreal Super Liner gel pot, tempted by the same 20% discount on the Maybelline mascara. The Super Liner was quite the disappointment. A simple hand-swipe test didn’t last more than a couple of hours before the gel cream faded/flaked off my hand, leaving an ugly patchy line. Also, the MAC liner has a beautiful, wet-look jet-black color which I couldn’t resist. Looking at reviews online now though, it seems removal at the end of the day may prove tricky. So we’ll see.

I intend to test-run the products at least once before the makeup trial – maybe tomorrow or Sunday. Fingers crossed! x


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