all together, with feeling now, Weddings

won over.

M and I hadn’t planned to do a pre-wedding shoot.

One factor was cost. We needed to cut costs elsewhere so we could afford our wonderful actual-day wedding photographer Boon Wei.

Another factor was fit. We’d not come across a photographer whose work made us want to put down our hard-earned moolah, and say, YES. You. We want you to capture our relationship and its essence, and we think you totally can.

We wanted the opposite of contrived, unnatural, mediocre, soul-less.

And then, we said hello to Thomas from The Peeping Thom. I first saw his work on the lovely blog snippet & ink and was really impressed.

One thing led to another, and now we’re all set for a shoot date on Dec 20th! Whee!

M and I are both pretty stoked about dressing up and giggling through the whole thing, and then having some beautiful photographs to capture the moment in time, the two of us at this stage of our lives, by someone who captures alot more than just pretty locations and old, overused poses.

Peace out. x

{all images courtesy of The Peeping Thom}


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