pretty things, said tongue in chic

to wear, or not to wear

Some beautiful things that are making me drool today –

Clare Vivier Messenger tote in Navy, US$270. I wonder if this will be the simple-yet-well-made work/leisure bag I’m looking for? It does tick all the boxes for me (I adore navy almost anything), but the 1 drawback? The lack of inner pockets (for keeping organized!).

Tabitha Simmons AW09 shoe collection. {photographed and captioned by Garance Dore}

Ooh, also, I’m looking for the casual outfit to wear for the fun shoot. (M and I refer to it as the ‘fun’ shoot. It’s a bit easier to say than ‘pre-wedding’. And it’s also true.) I have about a month, and I think it will be tough to finally come to a decision and stick with it – I mean, I could wear so many different outfits! This shoe, or that shoe, or that… This dress, or that top, or that jumpsuit… Bah. I’m not too good with overwhelming choice. Need. To. Narrow. Down!

Now, if only the rain would stop so I can go home.


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