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the biggest post yet.

I’m bored, and I’ve never done one of these fun little quizzes on this blog before – so here it is! Borrowed from bleubirdvintage.

1. where is your cell phone?
right next to my laptop.
2. your hair?
it’s my natural hair color – black. i like it that way, actually. dyed hair looks totally weird on me.

(or did you mean where my hair is?….hmmmm.)
3. your mother:

is a strong and complex character. I don’t always understand her, but I love her for being the devoted mother she is.

4. your father:

the one who taught me so many things, including how to read, and to remember to laugh when it hurts. He also gave me a love for adventure and seeing new things, as well as photography.

5. your favorite food?

noodles. of any sort.

{ieatishootipost‘s photo of fish head bee hoon from Lee Heng Restaurant}

6. your dream last night?

i couldn’t remember. probably had a few since i slept for like, 10 hours straight!

7. your favorite drink?

Starbucks green tea latte, hot and out of a paper cup. I do love a hot cup of latte, too. And Singapore-style milk tea.

{image from sotongling}

8. your dream/goal?

the really lofty one? to be a singer. be it in musical theatre, in a bar doing covers, or a commercial artiste.

the next most realistic one is to have a cosy little apartment for two, and to have the moolah to decorate it lovingly.

{styled by Sally Conran, via desire to inspire}

9. the room you are in?

i’m on the patio right now enjoying the chilly night, and M is sitting next to me using the computer too.

10. what is your hobby?

blogging is definitely one, because i do it almost every day and i still enjoy it, almost 10 years on. (zeeandthoseknees is only 4 years old… my first blog was on pitas! remember that?)

11. what is your fear?

of getting abandoned or left behind. i think it manifests itself in many ways in my life, but that’s one. another big fear is finding out i’m really not good enough.

12. where were you last night?
fast asleep on the bed, prematurely. too tired!

{courtesy of Feaverish Photography, via weheartit}

13. something you are not?

a sportsperson. i can’t run to save my life.

14. muffins:

are too sticky and dense. I prefer cupcakes!

{Magnolia Bakery (♥) cupcakes, photo courtesy of NY Times}

15. wish list items:

Clare Vivier navy messenger tote,

Vintage Hollywood fascinator by itsthelittlethingsut,

Double oval initial pendant by Michelle Chang jewelry.

16. where did you grow up?

in the historic Katong area of Singapore. i grew up in this old bungalow where my dad grew up too. we had a huge garden, and that house has lots of memories for me. but it’s torn down and rebuilt over now.

17. last thing you did:

visit the loo!

18. what you are wearing:
a lace camisole that i wore to work today, and comfy olive green shorts that are 6 years old.

19. your tv:
is a black hole that sucks me in and eats up precious sleep-hours. (okay, so i let it!) can often be found tuned to Star World, Discovery Travel & Living, or AXN.

20. your pets:
are non-existent. i used to have birds, turtles, fish, guinea-pigs, though. not all at once of course! but at one time, we did have close to 20 birds. my dad took care of most of them! haha.

i had a guinea pig called Milky Way, and my twin Y’s guinea pig was called Tuff (like, Tough?). And they had 4 babies.

21. your friends:

are my pillars of support, sources of joy, optimism & entertainment, and my life teachers. also serve well as shopping, pedicure, and coffee companions.

{photo by Sandra Juto}

22. your life:

is in a state of flux and promising change. :) good but stressful at the same time. i need to lay down some anchors.

23. your mood:

lately & currently, really tired.
24. missing someone?

not really. although i do miss friends who are overseas and far away!

25. vehicle:

usually, the bus or the train. seeing as i don’t know how to drive.  i much prefer riding the bus, though, as it’s easier to get a seat on my route and i love watching the people and goings-on as they roll on by.

{via weheartit}

26. something you’re not wearing:

pants, skinny jeans, leggings, tights, blazers, body-con dresses. anything body-hugging & tight-fitting because they aren’t good for the ol’ eczema.

i LOVE her look though.

{Hyoni Kang, shot by altamira}

27. your favorite store:

right now, it’s the Prada boutique at ION. love! also, loving TWG Tea’s cafe at the same mall.

28. your favorite color:
black, blush and yellow. blush, because i love how soothing and feminine it is… and yellow makes me happy!

{top image by Jennifer Behr; bottom from NeedSupplyCo.}

29. the last time you laughed:

just a while ago, when M said something funny. :)

30. the last time you cried:

really recently, as much as i hate to admit it.

31. your best friend:

M is my bestest friend, but i have quite a few friends i love dearly and whom i count my best friends too. they are people who know and love me for who i am, and whom i feel totally comfortable to be myself around.

32. one place you go over and over:

online boutiques! jeez. I keep revisiting them these days, in lieu of actual shopping mileage in stores due to lack of time or energy.

i’m loving & Urbanoutfitters, as well as Runway Bandits.

33. guilty pleasure:

instant noodles! oh, the thought is making me ravenous already… Let alone the image search I did!!!

{JoeGray on flickr}

34. favorite place to eat:

at home, with M’s cooking skills put to pleasurable use :)

if i had to choose a favourite restaurant, that would be too damn hard because it depends on what i’m feeling like having.

35. where do you want to be in 6 years?

in 6 years’ time, i’d be the big 3-0! I’d like to have lived and worked overseas or be living and working overseas, and have built a comfortable, cosy, loving home with M. And I’d like to be more comfortable and happy with my life, and in my own skin by then :)

WHOA. That was one long-ass post. But I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did doing it. :) G’night!


2 thoughts on “the biggest post yet.

  1. i love your childhood pictures! used to spend hours poring over albums that my dad carefully kept (and my mom later messed up, when he got too busy and relinquished that task to her). i think i got my love of photography from my dad too.

    he’s coming for a weekend visit en-route to milan so i’ll be seeing him tomorrow for the first time in 2 months. your post made me miss my parents!! x

  2. theletterzee says:

    c – thank you! all diligently kept by my father. gotta love him for that :) oh that’s nice, that you got that love frm your dad too. :) it’s great, huh?

    awesome la! have a great time with them dear!!! and take plenty of photos ;)

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