all together, with feeling now, the lyrics take me away, this could be anything

gold in the air of summer.

Oh, Weekend. I enjoyed you.

getting a pedicure with Monny, and soft-boiled eggs, heart-to-hearts & hot milk tea after


a knot-releasing, much-needed foot & body massage, then falling into bed not long after

brunch at Ghim Moh market, comprised of chee cheong fun, paper thosai & a hot teh tarik to chase it all down

good conversation + good company (Lyd, XT, M) + good Japanese food on a Friday night

dozing off on the sofa to the soothing sounds of Kings of Convenience, lulled by the Sunday afternoon breeze

{Kings of Convenience album cover}

This week, I feel like I really relaxed for the first time in a long time, despite doing quite a bit anyway… It’s like I finally let out a sigh of relief and managed to enjoy it for a while. A pleasant surprise given the number of things I’ve got going on recently.



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