all together, with feeling now

Hello! There was no blog post today because I was feeling unwell just as I got to the office this morning. 


I was and am having period cramps, and by the time I’d gotten to the foot of the hill on which my office sits on, I felt nauseous and a bit dizzy. Faced with a long flight of stairs up the hill and another flight of stairs up the the office (and no other way up), I had to stop every few steps because even that felt like a huge challenge. By the time I’d scaled the stairs up the hill, I had broken into a cold sweat and was feeling dizzy and faint. After going in to the office and speaking to my boss, I decided to go home and rest. There was no way I could’ve worked in that state, and was kind of scared out of my wits at how close to fainting I was.

Thankfully I’m a bit better now, and I’m careful not to over-exert myself… I need to get well for tomorrow.

{elenis via weheartit}




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