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love, and a swedish haven.

I woke up this morning with a very swollen right eye and runny nose, not a great morning. Made just slightly better by more-ish banana cake from Swissbake, and a cup of hot milo plus 2 soft-boiled eggs.

This proposal photo series made me go ‘awww’. Don’t you love how she jumped into his lap?

{Shannen Natasha, via Green Wedding Shoes}

And dreaming of curling up in this Swedish apartment on lazy weekends with M is making me feel a bit less sorry for myself.

A cup of warm tea in white, warm surroundings. Mmm.

{ & Designfragment, via thisisglamorous}


3 thoughts on “love, and a swedish haven.

  1. theletterzee says:

    i love me some white wooden floors too! hehe. not so much brick walls, somehow they look uncomfortable/painful to lean on? :) oh yes the natural light and huge windows are a must…

    these are times i really wished i lived abroad.

    • are you and M getting your own place? or you can tell me privately on fb heehee. you can make this happen in sg too! everyone would just be in awe when they visit :) i’ve seen pictures of some walk-up apartments in sg that pretty much have the scandinavian concept down pat!

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