all together, with feeling now

M woke me up at 7ish this morning with a kiss on the cheek, and not long after, he left for the airport for a fun trip to Bali with his friends. I jokingly refer to it as his last hurrah, but I suppose it is in a small way rather monumental since it will be his last overseas trip as a Single guy.

As the months to the wedding thin out, I think we will both start to really absorb what getting married means.

 Of course, we will only start to really experience it once we cross over the line – as Nacho (Libre) says, to really “see what it tastes like”.

Anyway, I’m writing this post because I couldn’t get back to sleep, and the achey missing (and a pinch of paranoid worrying about his safety) has already started. It’s funny how when at one point I was traveling for work every few weeks, it wasn’t that hard.  Another week, another overseas trip. But since my travelling stopped, it’s almost like we both put roots to the ground and were no longer used to being in different countries at one time.

{print by Jessica Bruah, via Print Society}


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