all together, with feeling now

this water off my back’s taking a little time to slide.

It’s been uncanny, the number of, “You’re thinking of not having any children? But you must if you’re getting married” I’ve been getting. 

I do think alot of people feel that way, and I respect that.

What scares me is how some people are so certain of what your marriage should mean, as if it should mean anything to anyone but the two of you.

Yes, so I’ve laid it out. I’m not sure I want to have children. It’s a private issue between M and I, and therefore one I shall not discuss at lengths now or ever on this blog, but I am bringing it up here because I’m truly a little horrified at why people deem it their business to define what my marriage should be about, without stopping to consider how my experiences may have shaped my view of parenthood a little differently than theirs.

Having said that, I understand that the people who said these things to me were merely knee-jerk reacting to what I said – an instant reflex, nothing more. I don’t think they intended to hurt me, and therefore I won’t let their remarks hurt me.

But you know, a little bit more empathy and a little less knee-jerk disagreeing would be pre-tty good to have around here.

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “this water off my back’s taking a little time to slide.

  1. i’m feeling you! just like the ‘omg you’re telling me you’re comfortable being single now; you MUST want to be with somebody!” i’ve been getting. like dude, i got out of 6 consecutive years of being in relationships; maybe i KNOW what i want for myself now?

    feel better hun; marriage is about you+M, not you+M+thewholeworld.

  2. theletterzee says:

    wow your friends actually tell you that? jeez babe. you – we’re – still young! we still have so much time ahead of us.

    thanks c, i’m just peeved more than anything :) glad you feel me!

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