this could be anything

a little anthology of days.

On a dappled sunlight, perfect weather type of day. (It eventually turned out to be a real schtinker* of a day, but that’s another story.)

My favourite rainy-day comfort food these days.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, having deelish fish and chips.

My new week-old haircut. And my new Zara “Dynasty-shoulder” Breton-stripe top.

*You must read or say schtinker with a German accent a la Will Ferrell in The Producers, for full effect.


9 thoughts on “a little anthology of days.

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi there Gina, thank you for your sweet words :) I use the L’Oreal Perfect Match concealer in W1-2-3 or Fair/Light, on my under-eye area. It’s worked pretty well for me (and I have horrible dark eye circles), but I definitely went through a long search like yourself before finding a good fit.

      Good luck! I hope you find your fit real soon. :)

  1. gina says:

    Thanks dear! really? the concealer must be good then!!! I shall try it, how much is it? and how do u apply it? i think it makes a big diff (: Sorry i’m so noob!
    Paste more pics babe!

    thanks for sharing

  2. theletterzee says:

    I am a lazy bum so I never bother with brushes. (Plus, they’re expensive – if you get a good one – and need cleaning) So I just dab a glob of concealer on the back of my hand, and then using my ring finger from the other hand, I gently pat it onto the under eye area. Make sure not to swipe – left to right motion.

    Depending on how dark my under eye circles seem that day (but usually they’re fairly dark), I will layer it on, some days more layers than others. And then carefully dab to blend the patchy edges that are bound to crop up, so that the concealer would ‘disappear’ into my skin. Areas to check for – next to the eyelash line, inner & outer eye corners, and below the undereye area. Just use your own eye to check and make sure it’s well blended.

    Hope that helps Gina!

  3. theletterzee says:

    oops, sorry I forgot to mention. I think it’s about S$20 a tube? The tube comes with a brush, but I never use it directly on my eye area. :)

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