said tongue in chic

some festive warmth.

This cardigan is to die for. I’m in love with navy-and-black combinations, and it’s very hard for me to resist sequins.

My nose is sniffly and I would really like to be snuggled under my blanket right now. Or, be wearing that divine cardigan.

It’s going to be a quiet Friday night… I may go for a pick-me-up massage, and then go home to continue stamping our favor bags.

I love you, weekend!

{Sequin tuxedo cardigan by JCrew}


2 thoughts on “some festive warmth.

  1. cherylg says:

    hey z, it’s been a while since I popped by…
    hope the fitting goes well, looking forward to see the final product! yup enjoy the weekend.

  2. theletterzee says:

    hey c! glad to see you in these parts :) the fitting went fairly well, the dress is already in its final forms so it’s too hard to change it to something totally different (and it also wouldn’t be fair to the designer if i did that), so we’re making it the best version of what it is now.

    hope your saturday was great and filled with green tea lattes ;)

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