all together, with feeling now, comfort food*, said tongue in chic, Weddings

I would love to have me some Urban Outfitters. Mmmm.

As you probably can tell, I’ve been doing an awful lot of online browsing lately. But I can’t bring myself to buy anything yet, considering the expenditure that has/is/will take place due to the wedding.

Today, I had a super-gratifying dim sum brunch with Mon and Yang. I love getting those booths at Imperial Treasure, with the low-hanging lights, plush seats and dark furnishings. Oh, and of course, the dim sum – and the company – is glorious. Very soul-fulfilling.

After that, Mon and I adjourned to my designer’s studio to do a little bit of negotiations (heh heh). We managed to get the dress to a state we were all happy with, and while I wouldn’t say it was the vision of my dress dreams* (and I’m not sure I have only 1 dream dress), it’s still a pretty nice dress.

And I’m getting married in it. Ha! That, and the fact that it is a heartfelt gift from my parents, makes it awesome.

*a Vera, Lhullier, Rosa Clara, Elie Saab,  or a Keveza – i.e., a ridiculously expensive dream

{screencaps by me, from Urban Outfitters}


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